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Contractor Opportunities

Contractor Opportunities

Independent contractors play an important role in USIS’ ability to deliver consistently high-quality and timely services to our customers. We call on independent contractors to handle temporary work surges or resource shortages or to acquire specific subject matter expertise for specific assignments

International Programs

Overseas, USIS is seeking independent contractors interested in opportunities to provide critical support to post-conflict nations. Specifically, contractors will train indigenous law enforcement personnel, assisting those nations in creating law enforcement institutions that become the foundation of self-operated justice systems. Independent contractors interested in working on these critical national security contracts can submit your letter of interest here.

Nationwide Opportunities

USIS maintains a nationwide network of independent contractors in multiple  fields. Members of this network are selected based on their experience and proven skills in delivering niche informational services that meet the most demanding standards and critical timelines.

Independent Contract Background Investigator

The Independent Contract Background Investigator must have a minimum of three years of experience (acquired within the last five years), with demonstrated skills and prior training working with federal agencies conducting background investigations of a particular nature. Each Independent Contractor must undergo a complete background screening to meet federally required standards. Independent Contractor responsibilities often include administering unsworn declarations during subject interviews and taking written affidavits.

Special Contractor Investigator (SCI)

The SCI has specific training and experience in one or more security specialties and maintains a high level of expertise in such areas as:

  • Fraud Investigations
  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • Psychological Testing
  • International Relations
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Surveillance
  • Electronic Security
  • Polygraph Administration

Contract Background Investigator (CBI)

A Contract Record Specialist is an essential link for rapid background screening services, acquiring vital information from public record repositories and transmitting the findings to a central case-management service center. The Contract Record Specialist is experienced and trained in the process practices of public record research, sets priorities, and exhibits creativity and flexibility in approaching each task and objective, within tight time constraints. Independence and initiative are essential characteristics.

Becoming an Independent Contractor

Independent contractors who contract their services with USIS are required to meet the business and other licensing requirements of their local and state governing agencies. They must also maintain appropriate types and levels of insurance coverage. Independent contractors who are procured will enter into written Independent Contractor Agreements with USIS. Each has the flexibility to perform similar or other services for third parties as well as to set individual hours, priorities, and schedules.

Independent Contractors are not employees of USIS and are classified as self employed. Independent Contractors are not eligible for employee benefits and will not receive full-time workloads. Compensation will be paid per completed investigative item.  Each item fee varies based on the complexity and time necessary to complete the each item.

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