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About USIS

About USIS

USIS specializes in providing information and security services to government agencies and commercial enterprises. Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, USIS delivers risk management solutions that not only protect national security, but also support and help empower decision-makers the world over.

Since 1996, USIS has been a preeminent source of comprehensive litigation support services in the legal services market.

USIS delivers a wide range of real-time, customer-oriented solutions which focus on support services, training, surveillance detection, and security consulting. USIS’ wide range of professional services include:

Innovative technology, robust security environments, evolving best practices, uncompromising integrity, and responsive client service have also contributed to our reputation as a trusted advisor to government and commercial customers alike.

Our Mission: To deliver best-in-class people, processes, and technology in partnership with our diverse customer base, creating value for shareholders, employees, and the community.

Vision: To be the premier provider of knowledge-based security solutions, Ensuring a Safer Future Today.®

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